Social Business “Build a strong sector by i ...

CERISE and its various partners (AFD, AIDR, CIDR, Entrepreneurs du Monde, Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation, GRET, I&P, IRAM, PROPARCO) have developed a “Social Business” analysis grid. What purpose does it serve? An interview with Jon Sallé, Program Manager at CERISE.


Social Business is subject to a great deal of enthusiasm on the part of a number of actors (public and private donors, NGOs, companies…). Why is there so much enthusiasm ?

Firstly, it must be said that the underlying idea of this new sector, which is to combine entrepreneurship and social impact, is particularly attractive ! Social business covers a complex range of organizations, which differ in terms of their legal status, their relations towards capital and profit, innovations, etc. All these structures do, however, have one thing in common : the social or environmental issue they tackle must be set out in their social mission.

Social business fits in with the emerging global trend for responsible initiatives.

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